There’s fabric in my bathtub…

and a ton of it. Good thing we have two tubs, because I really need this one for my stash.

See, the thing is I like to sew. And I am obsessed with stunning fabrics. So I get them on sale. I always have a grand design for them at purchase. Of course, I very little time to sew. So the fabric builds up. And up. I ran out of good storage spaces ages ago. Hence the bathtub. Folded, stacked, neat, tidy and out of the way.

The whole stash doesn’t fit in the tub. I’ve tried to organize what does fit in groups– cotton knits, poly knits, and cotton wovens. In front of the tub, I have some designer double knits.  I have some high wrinkling cottons, pressed, on hangers on the shower curtain rod.

Now, I’m in real trouble if we ever have guests in the spare room because they’ll need that bathroom. And did I mention I keep some fabric folded on the spare bed too? Yup. I keep some of my cords there and some home dec weight fabrics. And some of the bag making supplies I have.

I keep my silks and other pricier fabrics in the closet, neatly hung, befitting their status as “specialties.”


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